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18 09, 2016

How Anti-fog, Anti-scratch Polycarbonate Face Shields Increase Workplace Productivity

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Workplace productivity is an integral component of a company’s success.

At any instance, a company expects to utilize the available workforce to generate profits.

This is not an easy task, otherwise every company could be making profits by now.

Well, there are so many factors that play a pivotal role in this. Safety is one of those […]

16 05, 2016

E Book: Complete Guide of Polycarbonate Fabrication

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What you can expect to learn from this e-book
A comprehensive introduction of polycarbonate fabrication,you will be an expert if you read this e-book carefully.

Chapter One: What Is Polycarbonate?

Chapter Two: Cutting Polycarbonate Sheet

Chapter Three: Bending Polycarbonate Sheet

Chapter Four: Polycarbonate Sheet Printing

Chapter Five: Polycarbonate Milling

Chapter Six: Polycarbonate Thermoforming

Chapter Seven: Polycarbonate Sanding and Polishing

Chapter Eight: Polycarbonate Bonding

Chapter Nine: […]

20 04, 2016

What is the Best Material for Ice Rink Barrier

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Ice rink barriers are crucial for serving protection against flying objects and airborne debris to the spectators of ice games. However, deciding the appropriate material for barriers is something to ponder upon.

While some sports arena owners prefer laminated glass, others prefer polycarbonate sheets. Before jumping on to any conclusions, one must consider the grave […]

23 03, 2016

The Use of Polycarbonate Sheets in 2016

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With increasing stress on making the world a better and greener place to live, the conventional way of building a home or a commercial complex is getting revolutionized.

The increasing use of wood and cement in building structures are making ways to the use of steel and polycarbonate sheets.

The combination of steel structures with polycarbonate […]